The Song of Amergin

The Devil of the Stairs
"The True Face of Your Enemy"

The dreamers started in the parlor of Judicator Damascus’ mansion in Madrid. Shodan and Ingenu showed their tattooed numbers to the group, designating them as Awakened ancients from before the Eschaton.
Bishop Fenrir bust in and gave a long-winded, narcissistic speech urging the Jehammedan and the rest of the group to join the Anabaptists or leave Hybrispania. Meanwhile, Shodan was playfully chugging a rare drink from ancient times out of a red cylinder.
Fenrir was at the point of pushing Ingenu too far, and she drew her gun. Shodan urged her to not use it and calmly requested the gun from her. She then used the gun herself and shot Fenrir’s companions straight in the head. Fenrir requested the bodies be brought to the other Sons of Mim and that the dreamers had until the next night, when he would return from Castropol, to be out of the country. He also mentioned looking for the last Great Evil near Castropol.
Shodan laughed as she left, stating that they were wasting a trip, because they were, in fact, looking for her.
Judicator Damascus showed up after all the fuss and urged the Saviors of Madrid to speak with the other Judicators to vote in favor of the Jehammedan and not allow them to be replaced by the Anabaptists in Hybrispania. “The devil you know, vesus the devil you don’t.”
The heroes discussed tactic, and whether or not it was worth diplomacy or simply assassinating Judicator Cereva, who is the greatest supporter of the Anabaptists.
General Ingenu had a serious problem trusting Judicator Damascus because she remembers the treachery of the Magnum Nil every time she looks at her new smile in the mirror.
General Ingenu also revealed much about herself and what it has meant for her to be Awakened.
She woke in RG700, in the Balkhan region and worked for the Voivodes there until she had enough money to return to Franka – which she called France. She joined the Spitallian resistance there. Eventually the Spitallians abandoned the region, but she stayed behind as long as she could, until she eventually fled to Hybrispania and joined the Guerillas there. Wit her help, they managed to capture Toledo, Caceres, Valencia, and Guadalajara. However, when she first woke, the RG made her an offer, which she refused. She knows of only three others who refused the RG – Aries, Aspera, and Shodan.
The group decided to try diplomacy, but first went to speak with Monica Damascus. Monica was strange, as to be expected of a blind Paragnostik. She told the story of how she came to be Paragnostik, and how she had been adopted by Minanurah and her adopted sister had been Chanandurah. Monica married an influential Judicator, while her sister went wild – shunned by humanity. Her envious sister set herself up as a demigod among the Magnum Nil and killed Minanurah. Chanandurah was too powerful to kill before, but the dreamers had managed somehow. She wanted to know how and she wanted to know what became of her mother’s mask, which Chanandurah had worn during her self proclaimed reign.
The heroes discussed whether or not to give it back to her. Devyn and Aperture want to give the mask to her. Isla does not. And Bettina most certainly does not want to give up her “shiny”.
Bettina hurries off and makes the decision for the group. So, the others venture with Aperture out to the Chronicler outpost in Madrid.
Upon exiting the mansion, they are greeted by Judicator Paeluna, who was diplomat to the Jehammedan people and recently converted to the Sword of Jehammed. She told them the Isaaki leader of the Jehammedan in Hybrispania was recently killed during the siege. An upstart Saraeli, named Esterah Abdula, was making her move to become the Apostalite and leader of the Jehammedans in Hybrispania. However, she is a zealot and was urging the Jehammedans to raid Madrid to kill all the Anabaptists and then storm Al-Andalus to defeat the Scourger incursion once and for all. This was madness, Paeluna informed them. Paeluna cannot, unfortunately, support the Jehammedans “for their own good” until Esterah is dealt with.
Devyn, Isla, and Aperture make their way to the Chronicler Outpost, which is the biggest eye-sore in Madrid. The Chronicler stationed in Madrid is named NumLock and hurries Aperture inside the outpost of a debriefing. He tells Isla and Devyn to stay outside.
Inside, Aperture and NumLock have a disagreement, to say the least, and Aperture storms out. NumLock requests his mercenaries retrieve Aperture and “delete” Devyn and Isla.
The mercenaries are unsuccessful. Aperture requests that his companions not kill NumLock, and they leave the opposing Chronicler empty handed and brow-beaten.
Bettina arrives with a terrifying new weapon, which she gives to Devyn. Some kind of gas-saw. The dreamers discuss their next step. But a Civil Guard unit confronts the heroes, claiming that they stole something from NumLock. Damascus’ Civil Guard arrives and confronts the other Civil Guard unit, who are apparently in Cereva’s pocket. The two units fight and the group take the opportunity to flee. They make their way to Santigo in El Prado.
They heroes decide they have to turn over the Ipad or leave the city, because Cereva had been waiting for the first opportunity to accuse them of something and have them arrested. Bettina informs the group that Judicator Constantinos will support them if she is given a Metal Demon. It just so happens that the group have two. Aperture programs one to follow Bettina, who takes it to Constantinos’ people, and then she gives the Ipad to NumLock and the mask to Monica.
When Bettina arrives, she informs the group that all hell broke loose. The Chronicler outpost in Madrid is a flaming mess. Monica informed her that, if she journeyed to fear and kiss the lips of diabolique, followed the tears of the children, she would be lead to the true face of her enemy.
So, Isla and Bettina went to the El Prado gate of Madrid, called Temor, which is Hybrispanian for fear. There are children playing around the scaffolding built around two great statues next to the gates. Bettina kisses the lips of the statue called Diabolique and is called down by a soldier who asks her what the hell she is doing, and is suddenly struck by a handful off poop thrown by one of the children. He hits the child and the group run off crying.
Isla, Santigo and Bettina follow the children into the rougher part of the merchant district. They are stopped by a group of Apocalyptiks crowed around a scorched body of a Jehammedan woman. Shodan arrives and helps Bettina and Isla clear the Apocalyptiks out. They proceed to follow the remaining crying child into a dead-end alley. Bettina sneaks up and finds the two Anabaptists who Shodan shot in the head. One is fixing the other’s severed arm, which, inside, is all metal and wire. the child, unfortunately, had its head twisted around.
Bettina describes the scene to the others and they hurry back to El Prado. Isla and Santigo head to find Aperture and Devyn. Bettina leaves for the Scrapper den. Bettina gets a backup Ipad from Constantinos.
Shodan, Aperture, Isla, Devyn, and Bettina return to the Scrapper Den to purchase armor and weapons before confronting the Anabaptists in the alley.
The fight begins and the Anabaptists breathe fire and hit hard. But the dreamers manage to defeat them. They shove the remains of the two Sons of Mim into barrells and allow Aperture to inspect them. They are bascially AMSUMO Defense Soldiers without their outer shell. Instead, they are covered in rotting human flesh, stretched over steel and wire…

The Posterity of Oblivion
"We are the Magnum Nil"
Rose of Forgetfulness
...even among these rocks.
The Silent Sisters
until the wind shakes a thousand whispers...

After leaving RG Dispensary Vault 500, the group decided to stay the night in Castropol before heading on to Madrid. They restocked their already meager supplies of food and medicine, and prepared for a much needed rest after the events of the day. Santigo, it seemed, was the ranking officer within Castropol, since Dugalle was sent to Toledo to help with the rebuilding efforts. He proceeded to lead in his own special way – by getting drunk with Kain Steele.
A beaten and weary looking Jehammedan man, named Ahmed, approached the Siraeli, Isla Modica, and begged her for help. His wife had been taken during the siege of Castropol by men who were dressed as Hybrispanian soldiers, but no one had seen them before and none of the other soldiers knew who he was speaking of when he described them. The only thing he saw was one of them giving a significant amount of Chronocredits to the scrap merchant, Mani. When he confronted Mani, the merchant called the guards on the poor Jehammedan man. His request was that Isla and her comrades find out what became of his wife, and then find him at the Jehammedan camp of Segovia, northwest of Madrid.
The Marshal, Devyn, was all too eager to find the truth in the matter and bring justice down like a righteous hammer. Isla was fueled by her own rage at the thought of a woman among her people being kidnapped in the midst of a war. Who could be so vile? The Scrapper, Bettina, just liked the idea of making the bastard squirm. So, the three women confronted the merchant, Mani.
Meanwhile, Santigo was deep in a bottle with the other Scrapper, Kain. The two were laughing and carrying on, drawing a crowd around them in the refugee camp by the sea-cliff in Castropol. The Chronicler sat nearby, in the shadows, tinkering with various instruments and artifacts. He was, for the most part, content to keep to himself.
The three women took no time in getting the info from Mani. He had sold a spot in his caravan for the Jehammedan woman, Saenia, to be transported to the outpost of Caceres. The three bound Mani and took him to Santigo, where they made him aware of Mani’s crimes. Santigo, in his drunken state, prepared to toss the man from the sea cliff, but the travelers stopped him, stating that they might need him for information.
Santigo supplied the group with horses and they rode off into the night as fast as their mounts would take them, in the direction of Caceres – for the Scrapper Bettina saw the full moon and knew that certain tribal groups in the area were accustomed to sacrificing three foreign women during the full moon in order to bring about the darkness of the new moon, so their vile deeds would not see the light.
Upon arriving near to Caceres, Santigo had the group stop and listen, because the outpost was near, but there were no lights, bu the faint sound of drumming could be heard through the trees. They left their horses and approached the outpost slowly and saw that there were guards patrolling the walls, illuminated by the moonlight alone.
Santigo pointed ou that they were not Hybrispanian Militia, and he showed them the way to a underground entrance that comes out in the well at the southwest corner of the outpost. Under the outpost, there was a tunnel that ran along the Tajo river. A dead scrapper lie on the other side of steel bars that allowed water form the Tajo to overflow into the tunnel without allowing anything else of any significant size to pass through as well. He was carrying an RPG Launcher. While trying to fish him out of the water, a befouled alligator rushed the group and tried to bite at them through the bars. The Marshal crushed its skull with her hammer and Kain retrieved the Launcher.
At one point, the Chronicler turned on his Ipad-9, which he’d found in RG-DV500, hoping to use it as a light source. It made a sound, indicating that it had connected to another RG Central Network.

Of Broken Images
"It is good to see you again, my friends."

After the seige on the refugee outpost of Castropol, there was only a brief reprieve in which another group of refugees could enter the city. this included two new travellers looking for Santigo. The Man with the red bandanna that the characters had been dreaming of, pulling them to fight in defense fo the city, including the two newcomers, a Marshall and Balkhani man who seemed to also have been dreamt of.
The Chronicler fixed the Slave Crawler vehicle and everyone piled in, bursting through the gates of Castropol and towards Madrid to break the seige. It seemed Madrid was not being overrun, but the forced there were holding back Madrid from being able to send reinforcements to the soldiers at Castropol and in order for the man with the red bandanna, Santigo, to be able to take the travelers to where his dream had been leading them all.
On the way to Madrid the crew, lead by Santigo’s navigation and the Chronicler’s driving, ran into a group of Balkhani Merceneries right outside the city who were willing, after some discussion to aid in the ending of the Madrid siege. There weren’t many, just enough to keep the Madrid forces occupied and inside the city walls. With the aid of the mercenaries and their armor, Santigo provided a distraction as the Motley Crew of travellers tested the metal of the African forces and found them lacking. It was not overly easy, but the Africans were killed or driven off, and Madrid could finally send reinforcements to Castropol.
At that Juncture, Santigo agreed to lead the intrepid dreamers to the site where he’d been dreaming of all of these gathered and other things. He didn’t know what it meant, didn’t know what we would find, He wasn’t even sure what was prophetic dream and what was nonsense.
Arriving at the sea cave of Santigo’s dreams, there is a vault inside, one of the old one of the Recombination Group. Approaching, the door opened, but not enough for the vehicle to come through. The Marshall declared she’d seen this movie as a child and she speculated the door was going to close behind us if we went inside.
At first it was not so, and the Chronicler even got the power working. But the button on the platform in the center of the room told other stories. The hologram of a woman welcomed the heroes to their new home and the door closed as if greeting willing participants for the first time. The noise in the walls started after that.
The power fizzed and died with the hologram, and each subsequent time the button was hit while it would return briefly, it was only to plunge the group into darkness yet again. The Chronicler had determined the door lock was unfixable and the lights were the next priority, but there were… things in the walls. The group was attacked in the darkness by monsters previously only heard of to most, feral things that had once been people, now tainted the Spores.
Fighting back the two from the main room, the group was forced through a vent shaft into a control room of sorts where the Chronicler found a way to control the power. Very little was found in the lockers, a few personal belongings, some medical supplies and names mostly. After fighting off another Spore creature from the mess hall… the humming began. A strange, eerie sound that echoed from the entire bunker almost for how it echoed, during which the cryo chamber was found.
The first time no one entered, because there such a dense spore presence it was going to be assured of sickness if the room was occupied for too long. Three of the four cryo chambers were broken, and the group summarized that this might have been the three creatures previously fought. The fourth was… foaming. It was strange and unnatural but there wasn’t a whole lot of time to contemplate before the humming and strange noises got louder.
A being, made of pure spore and growing from some poor Ashen, crawled from the air duct at the entrance of the Vault. It possessed four legs and an amorphous central form and dragged the eerily singing body of the Ashen behind it.
The group could not, through its best efforts, find a way to wound the creature. They retreated back into the cryo-chamber and sealed the door. The ceiling breathed and the single unopened chamber foamed a putrid substance from cracks in its protective casing.
Eventually, the group decided to open the chamber – there was not much else for them to do. A blonde woman, unclothed and unconscious, fell to the floor. The skin on her back was bubbling, and when the bubbling blisters burst, they released the foam that had been pouring from the chamber. Eventually the bubbling stopped and the woman began to stir. She stood and greeted the group, stating that she was so very happy to see them again – and that they had a lot to do. She asked for the Chronicler to open the doors to the cryo-chamber room. They warned her of the creature outside. She said that she knew it was there and asked for Aperture to open the door anyway. When the door slid open, the creature immediately pried its way into the room. The woman reached out and simply touched the creature and it’s body fell to the floor, writhing and melting away into the same foam that had been pouring from the blisters on her back.
Kain allowed the woman, whose name they assumed was Sho-Dan (since that’s what was written above her cryo-chamber), to borrow some loose fitting clothes to cover herself with. They all quickly moved to the Slave Crawler and headed off in the direction of Castropol. Shodan stated that she was so happy to see them, and that she was so excited to be breathing fresh air again – but she was sorry they would have to be walking back to Castropol. A second later, one of the tires blew and the group unloaded their gear and began the long walk back to Castropol.

The Cruelest Month
Lilacs out of the dead land...


The outpost of Castropol sat snug among the sea cliffs in nortwestern Hybrispania. With it’s back to a sheer drop of over one-hundred and fifty feet, Castropol could only be effectively attacked from one direction – the south. Indeed, the south, from which hordes of African Scourgers poured onto the continent to strip it of its resources and precious pre-Eschaton artifact. And Hybrispania had been a blood-soaked land for longer than most anyone could remember, being the western front in Europe’s fight against the invading Scourgers. It was a dangerous land, and very few people journeyed there unless they were prepared to bare witness to the horrors of war. For that reason, very few people who could not call Hybrispania their home even dared to journey there at all. Nonetheless, it is into that very land that a group of tormented souls were called. There dreams intensified, the call to the bloodied land growing louder in their minds, until they risked madness if they ignored it any longer. So, they set out, traveling from Borca, Purgare, and even as far away as Pollen in hopes of calming the chaos of their dreams. The first of the three heroes to arrive were the Jehammedan Saraeli,Isla Modica – the Scrapper, Bettina Nikopol – and the Chronicler, called Aperture. They had had visions of a man with red head wrappings and oyster shell pauldrons. So, upon entering the outpost, the three began to immediately look for this man. Bettina was not comfortable checking her weapon in with the Master at Arms and so decided to conceal her crossbow and enter into the outpost as an illegally armed civilian. Isla, while searching the refugee camp along the cliff wall, encountered a woman whose daughter was very sick. The woman begged the Jehammedan to utilize any medical arts she might have to save her daughter. Isla did what she could and the woman rewarded her with all the money she had left. The Chronicler waited and observed. Bettina grew restless and started pressing the outpost’s militia to point her in the direction of the man with the red headband. The militia only made suggestive remarks to her, and she answered by drawing her weapon and threatening violence. All hell proceeded to break loose, as the Jehammedan woman somehow became involved in the commotion. In no time at all, the entire outpost was searching for Bettina and the ranking officer, Captain Dugalle, was ready to throw the Chronicler and Jehammedan out during the next Scourger attack. But they had managed to find Santigo, the man with the red head wrappings and oyster shell pauldrons. He had dreamt of them as well, and he was to lead them to the sea caves northwest of Castropol as soon as they had the chance.

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