Low Ranking Officer in the Hybrispainian Guerilla Army


Hybrispanian. No allegiance to any Cult.


Santigo is a low ranking officer under the command of Captain Dugalle in the Castropol outpost. His love of gambling is the only thing keeping him from rising further among the ranks of his Hybrispanian comrades. Indeed, his addiction has caused him to make several enemies among the Apocalyptiks, due to the fact that he owes a considerable amount of Chronocreds to many a disgruntled member of their Flocks. Nonetheless, his commitment to the fight for Hybrispania is such that his superiors, such as Captain Dugalle, turn a blind eye to his behavior, as long as it doesn’t jeopardize the well-being of the guerrillas as a whole, then he will continue to be given enough rope to hang himself with. But Santigo has been suffering from restless dreams, as of late, calling him to venture out of Castropol to a certain sea cave he stumbled across once when looking for a proper place to partake of a voluptuous Apocalyptik beauty. The calling within his dreams has reached a point to where he can deny it no longer, and just when he was preparing to head off to discover the source of his dreams, playing one more beloved game of cards for good measure – a group of travelers from beyond the lands of Hybrispania arrived at Castropol, claiming to have had dreams of him and hoping that he would lead them to the source of their collective torment. As it just so happens, Santigo had been given brief glimpses of the strange travelers as well.


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