Captain Dugalle

Ranking Officer of the Castropol Outpost


Hybrispanian. No Allegiance to any Cults.


Captain Dugalle is a hardened veteran of the war for Hybrispania. He has seen many comrades fight and fall to the Scourgers and the Neolibyan war machine. He has zero tolerance for cowardice and he has even gone so far as to personally execute deserters or anyone else who puts their personal well-being before victory in Hybrispania. These brutal methods have earned him the command of a backwater outpost in the Northwest region of Hybrispania. Castropol was a pitiful excuse for a military stronghold until he took command. Now, Castropol has become a bastion of hope for the Hybrispanian guerrillas. Though his superiors may question his methods, the effectiveness of his command cannot be denied.

Captain Dugalle

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