The Song of Amergin

The Silent Sisters

until the wind shakes a thousand whispers...

After leaving RG Dispensary Vault 500, the group decided to stay the night in Castropol before heading on to Madrid. They restocked their already meager supplies of food and medicine, and prepared for a much needed rest after the events of the day. Santigo, it seemed, was the ranking officer within Castropol, since Dugalle was sent to Toledo to help with the rebuilding efforts. He proceeded to lead in his own special way – by getting drunk with Kain Steele.
A beaten and weary looking Jehammedan man, named Ahmed, approached the Siraeli, Isla Modica, and begged her for help. His wife had been taken during the siege of Castropol by men who were dressed as Hybrispanian soldiers, but no one had seen them before and none of the other soldiers knew who he was speaking of when he described them. The only thing he saw was one of them giving a significant amount of Chronocredits to the scrap merchant, Mani. When he confronted Mani, the merchant called the guards on the poor Jehammedan man. His request was that Isla and her comrades find out what became of his wife, and then find him at the Jehammedan camp of Segovia, northwest of Madrid.
The Marshal, Devyn, was all too eager to find the truth in the matter and bring justice down like a righteous hammer. Isla was fueled by her own rage at the thought of a woman among her people being kidnapped in the midst of a war. Who could be so vile? The Scrapper, Bettina, just liked the idea of making the bastard squirm. So, the three women confronted the merchant, Mani.
Meanwhile, Santigo was deep in a bottle with the other Scrapper, Kain. The two were laughing and carrying on, drawing a crowd around them in the refugee camp by the sea-cliff in Castropol. The Chronicler sat nearby, in the shadows, tinkering with various instruments and artifacts. He was, for the most part, content to keep to himself.
The three women took no time in getting the info from Mani. He had sold a spot in his caravan for the Jehammedan woman, Saenia, to be transported to the outpost of Caceres. The three bound Mani and took him to Santigo, where they made him aware of Mani’s crimes. Santigo, in his drunken state, prepared to toss the man from the sea cliff, but the travelers stopped him, stating that they might need him for information.
Santigo supplied the group with horses and they rode off into the night as fast as their mounts would take them, in the direction of Caceres – for the Scrapper Bettina saw the full moon and knew that certain tribal groups in the area were accustomed to sacrificing three foreign women during the full moon in order to bring about the darkness of the new moon, so their vile deeds would not see the light.
Upon arriving near to Caceres, Santigo had the group stop and listen, because the outpost was near, but there were no lights, bu the faint sound of drumming could be heard through the trees. They left their horses and approached the outpost slowly and saw that there were guards patrolling the walls, illuminated by the moonlight alone.
Santigo pointed ou that they were not Hybrispanian Militia, and he showed them the way to a underground entrance that comes out in the well at the southwest corner of the outpost. Under the outpost, there was a tunnel that ran along the Tajo river. A dead scrapper lie on the other side of steel bars that allowed water form the Tajo to overflow into the tunnel without allowing anything else of any significant size to pass through as well. He was carrying an RPG Launcher. While trying to fish him out of the water, a befouled alligator rushed the group and tried to bite at them through the bars. The Marshal crushed its skull with her hammer and Kain retrieved the Launcher.
At one point, the Chronicler turned on his Ipad-9, which he’d found in RG-DV500, hoping to use it as a light source. It made a sound, indicating that it had connected to another RG Central Network.



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