The Song of Amergin

The Devil of the Stairs

"The True Face of Your Enemy"

The dreamers started in the parlor of Judicator Damascus’ mansion in Madrid. Shodan and Ingenu showed their tattooed numbers to the group, designating them as Awakened ancients from before the Eschaton.
Bishop Fenrir bust in and gave a long-winded, narcissistic speech urging the Jehammedan and the rest of the group to join the Anabaptists or leave Hybrispania. Meanwhile, Shodan was playfully chugging a rare drink from ancient times out of a red cylinder.
Fenrir was at the point of pushing Ingenu too far, and she drew her gun. Shodan urged her to not use it and calmly requested the gun from her. She then used the gun herself and shot Fenrir’s companions straight in the head. Fenrir requested the bodies be brought to the other Sons of Mim and that the dreamers had until the next night, when he would return from Castropol, to be out of the country. He also mentioned looking for the last Great Evil near Castropol.
Shodan laughed as she left, stating that they were wasting a trip, because they were, in fact, looking for her.
Judicator Damascus showed up after all the fuss and urged the Saviors of Madrid to speak with the other Judicators to vote in favor of the Jehammedan and not allow them to be replaced by the Anabaptists in Hybrispania. “The devil you know, vesus the devil you don’t.”
The heroes discussed tactic, and whether or not it was worth diplomacy or simply assassinating Judicator Cereva, who is the greatest supporter of the Anabaptists.
General Ingenu had a serious problem trusting Judicator Damascus because she remembers the treachery of the Magnum Nil every time she looks at her new smile in the mirror.
General Ingenu also revealed much about herself and what it has meant for her to be Awakened.
She woke in RG700, in the Balkhan region and worked for the Voivodes there until she had enough money to return to Franka – which she called France. She joined the Spitallian resistance there. Eventually the Spitallians abandoned the region, but she stayed behind as long as she could, until she eventually fled to Hybrispania and joined the Guerillas there. Wit her help, they managed to capture Toledo, Caceres, Valencia, and Guadalajara. However, when she first woke, the RG made her an offer, which she refused. She knows of only three others who refused the RG – Aries, Aspera, and Shodan.
The group decided to try diplomacy, but first went to speak with Monica Damascus. Monica was strange, as to be expected of a blind Paragnostik. She told the story of how she came to be Paragnostik, and how she had been adopted by Minanurah and her adopted sister had been Chanandurah. Monica married an influential Judicator, while her sister went wild – shunned by humanity. Her envious sister set herself up as a demigod among the Magnum Nil and killed Minanurah. Chanandurah was too powerful to kill before, but the dreamers had managed somehow. She wanted to know how and she wanted to know what became of her mother’s mask, which Chanandurah had worn during her self proclaimed reign.
The heroes discussed whether or not to give it back to her. Devyn and Aperture want to give the mask to her. Isla does not. And Bettina most certainly does not want to give up her “shiny”.
Bettina hurries off and makes the decision for the group. So, the others venture with Aperture out to the Chronicler outpost in Madrid.
Upon exiting the mansion, they are greeted by Judicator Paeluna, who was diplomat to the Jehammedan people and recently converted to the Sword of Jehammed. She told them the Isaaki leader of the Jehammedan in Hybrispania was recently killed during the siege. An upstart Saraeli, named Esterah Abdula, was making her move to become the Apostalite and leader of the Jehammedans in Hybrispania. However, she is a zealot and was urging the Jehammedans to raid Madrid to kill all the Anabaptists and then storm Al-Andalus to defeat the Scourger incursion once and for all. This was madness, Paeluna informed them. Paeluna cannot, unfortunately, support the Jehammedans “for their own good” until Esterah is dealt with.
Devyn, Isla, and Aperture make their way to the Chronicler Outpost, which is the biggest eye-sore in Madrid. The Chronicler stationed in Madrid is named NumLock and hurries Aperture inside the outpost of a debriefing. He tells Isla and Devyn to stay outside.
Inside, Aperture and NumLock have a disagreement, to say the least, and Aperture storms out. NumLock requests his mercenaries retrieve Aperture and “delete” Devyn and Isla.
The mercenaries are unsuccessful. Aperture requests that his companions not kill NumLock, and they leave the opposing Chronicler empty handed and brow-beaten.
Bettina arrives with a terrifying new weapon, which she gives to Devyn. Some kind of gas-saw. The dreamers discuss their next step. But a Civil Guard unit confronts the heroes, claiming that they stole something from NumLock. Damascus’ Civil Guard arrives and confronts the other Civil Guard unit, who are apparently in Cereva’s pocket. The two units fight and the group take the opportunity to flee. They make their way to Santigo in El Prado.
They heroes decide they have to turn over the Ipad or leave the city, because Cereva had been waiting for the first opportunity to accuse them of something and have them arrested. Bettina informs the group that Judicator Constantinos will support them if she is given a Metal Demon. It just so happens that the group have two. Aperture programs one to follow Bettina, who takes it to Constantinos’ people, and then she gives the Ipad to NumLock and the mask to Monica.
When Bettina arrives, she informs the group that all hell broke loose. The Chronicler outpost in Madrid is a flaming mess. Monica informed her that, if she journeyed to fear and kiss the lips of diabolique, followed the tears of the children, she would be lead to the true face of her enemy.
So, Isla and Bettina went to the El Prado gate of Madrid, called Temor, which is Hybrispanian for fear. There are children playing around the scaffolding built around two great statues next to the gates. Bettina kisses the lips of the statue called Diabolique and is called down by a soldier who asks her what the hell she is doing, and is suddenly struck by a handful off poop thrown by one of the children. He hits the child and the group run off crying.
Isla, Santigo and Bettina follow the children into the rougher part of the merchant district. They are stopped by a group of Apocalyptiks crowed around a scorched body of a Jehammedan woman. Shodan arrives and helps Bettina and Isla clear the Apocalyptiks out. They proceed to follow the remaining crying child into a dead-end alley. Bettina sneaks up and finds the two Anabaptists who Shodan shot in the head. One is fixing the other’s severed arm, which, inside, is all metal and wire. the child, unfortunately, had its head twisted around.
Bettina describes the scene to the others and they hurry back to El Prado. Isla and Santigo head to find Aperture and Devyn. Bettina leaves for the Scrapper den. Bettina gets a backup Ipad from Constantinos.
Shodan, Aperture, Isla, Devyn, and Bettina return to the Scrapper Den to purchase armor and weapons before confronting the Anabaptists in the alley.
The fight begins and the Anabaptists breathe fire and hit hard. But the dreamers manage to defeat them. They shove the remains of the two Sons of Mim into barrells and allow Aperture to inspect them. They are bascially AMSUMO Defense Soldiers without their outer shell. Instead, they are covered in rotting human flesh, stretched over steel and wire…



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