The Song of Amergin

The Cruelest Month

Lilacs out of the dead land...


The outpost of Castropol sat snug among the sea cliffs in nortwestern Hybrispania. With it’s back to a sheer drop of over one-hundred and fifty feet, Castropol could only be effectively attacked from one direction – the south. Indeed, the south, from which hordes of African Scourgers poured onto the continent to strip it of its resources and precious pre-Eschaton artifact. And Hybrispania had been a blood-soaked land for longer than most anyone could remember, being the western front in Europe’s fight against the invading Scourgers. It was a dangerous land, and very few people journeyed there unless they were prepared to bare witness to the horrors of war. For that reason, very few people who could not call Hybrispania their home even dared to journey there at all. Nonetheless, it is into that very land that a group of tormented souls were called. There dreams intensified, the call to the bloodied land growing louder in their minds, until they risked madness if they ignored it any longer. So, they set out, traveling from Borca, Purgare, and even as far away as Pollen in hopes of calming the chaos of their dreams. The first of the three heroes to arrive were the Jehammedan Saraeli,Isla Modica – the Scrapper, Bettina Nikopol – and the Chronicler, called Aperture. They had had visions of a man with red head wrappings and oyster shell pauldrons. So, upon entering the outpost, the three began to immediately look for this man. Bettina was not comfortable checking her weapon in with the Master at Arms and so decided to conceal her crossbow and enter into the outpost as an illegally armed civilian. Isla, while searching the refugee camp along the cliff wall, encountered a woman whose daughter was very sick. The woman begged the Jehammedan to utilize any medical arts she might have to save her daughter. Isla did what she could and the woman rewarded her with all the money she had left. The Chronicler waited and observed. Bettina grew restless and started pressing the outpost’s militia to point her in the direction of the man with the red headband. The militia only made suggestive remarks to her, and she answered by drawing her weapon and threatening violence. All hell proceeded to break loose, as the Jehammedan woman somehow became involved in the commotion. In no time at all, the entire outpost was searching for Bettina and the ranking officer, Captain Dugalle, was ready to throw the Chronicler and Jehammedan out during the next Scourger attack. But they had managed to find Santigo, the man with the red head wrappings and oyster shell pauldrons. He had dreamt of them as well, and he was to lead them to the sea caves northwest of Castropol as soon as they had the chance.



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